This information is based on the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (EU / 2016/679). By granting consent and using the application, the user accepts and signs the following.



Data Holder: ITAHOPE of Marsala Mariangela.

Email: [email protected]



The use of involves the creation or the forwarding of certain data which, if not expressly quoted, are compulsory in order to be able to benefit from the service and their non-inclusion may jeopardize the enjoyment of the service itself. Failure to include such data implies that it is impossible to use all or part of the application.

These data will be collected in order to allow the data holder to offer the service requested by the user in the best way.

Data can be forwarded voluntarily by the user or automatically created as an effect of using the application.

Using this application, you agree to share shared data with third parties such as payment methods such as Paypal), support chat (direct or mediated by third-party applications such as Zopim and  Whatsapp ), data shared with service providers (like SiteGround) or physical entities such as couriers.

A list of the aforementioned data includes:

- Cookies: Explained in the appropriate paragraph.

- Registration data: social security, name, surname, date of birth, username, password (encrypted), email.

- Address and billing details: name, surname, company, vat number, business name, tax code, address, address supplement, postal code, city, province, country, telephone.

- By releasing such data, the user authorizes the use by third parties such as, for example, shipping services and agrees to be contacted by telephone or otherwise, if necessary.

- Contact form data: email, message (the user is responsible for sharing data in this mode and authorizes us to use them for any response or solution to the received request).

- Chat: username, email, managed personally but also from third parties such as Zopim.

- It is the user's right to use a managed customer support mode by using the Whatsapp application, which involves sharing a phone number as a technical requirement required to use the service. The data voluntarily shared by the customer in that application will be used exclusively for the service or other service requested by the user himself. The data will be subject to the Whatsapp application privacy policy.

- System logs: data such as system errors, ips, etc ...

- Data shared with the hosting company for technical reasons and service management (log, ip, backup, etc ..) SiteGround Privacy policy.

- Traffic management and distribution systems such as CloudFlare provided by CloudFlare Inc, these systems filter traffic between the hosting and the browser, making them available on their servers located in various parts of the globe , in order to improve the timing associated with the use of the application.

- Newsletter: By subscribing to the newsletter, you agree to insert your email into a list of contacts for which commercial and promotional information may also be sent. The system can be managed by third parties.

- Data entered into articles reviews: The user is responsible for the data entered in those comments.

- Site Use Data from Google : Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google uses the Personal Data collected to track and examine the use of this Application, compile reports and share it with other services developed by Google.

There is a tool specifically designed for the deactivation of this service which can be found at the following link.

- Site Use Data from Facebook : Facebook Analytics using Facebook Pixel is a web analytics service provided by Facebook Inc. ("Facebook"). Facebook uses the Personal Data collected to track and examine the use of this Application, compile reports and share it with other services developed by Facebook. You can learn more about this here e here.

- The site has a system of sharing and addressing our main social network pages. On these sites, you must take advantage of their content in accordance with their privacy policy, which tells which data to collect and use cookies.

Google+ and Youtube






- Paypal payment system: Paypal privacy , if used makes your payment details unavailable to the holder. So in these cases, payment data will be managed by Paypal according to its rules and regulations.

- Braintree payment system: Braintree privacy , if used makes your payment details unavailable to the holder. So in these cases, payment data will be managed by Braintree according to its rules and regulations. Braintree is part of the Paypal group.

- Stripe payment system: Stripe privacy , if used makes your payment details unavailable to the holder. So in these cases, payment data will be managed by Stripe according to its rules and regulations.

You are responsible for any proprietary or third party data submitted to our system, by contact form, review, or otherwise.

The site may contain external links to the site itself, of which no responsibility is assumed for the data contained or the data collected from those sites. Therefore, the content and the manner in which such content can be used, are to be considered under the responsibility of site owners, according to their regulations.

You are invited to contact the holder for any further clarification you need.



The holder undertakes to use the appropriate means and appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, deletion or modification of the data.

The data will be stored in the holder's premises and processed by computer and telematic means with logic and timelines consistent and closely linked to the purpose of the service.

Passwords are encrypted and not accessible to the owner.

The system uses a https system with SSL certificate.

The HyperText Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer is a protocol for secure communication across a computer network. HTTPS is the communication through the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) protocol within an encrypted connection from the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The principle underlying HTTPS is to have:

- an authentication of the visited website

- privacy protection

- integrity of the data exchanged between the communicating parties.

The holder may provide access to data to internal subjects (eg administrative, IT, marketing, etc.) or third parties (for example, service providers such as postal services, hosting providers, communications agencies, IT agencies, etc.). ).



The Data will be kept on the basic principle of the time useful for the intended purpose. All data will be retained as long as it is useful for the purpose of the service requested by the customer or until the customer intends to cancel his account.

Particular cases are the data necessary to fulfill the legal obligations that have timescales dictated by the law, for example the data on the evaded orders must be kept for 10 years.

The data related to the profiling of Google analytics will be kept for a period of 26 months after the last active session of the user.



"The right of access of the interested party"

The interested party has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of the processing of personal data concerning him / her. You have the right to access such data, to know the purpose of the collection, where possible the duration and the methods of data storage.

"The right to rectification and cancellation (the right to be forgotten) or to the limitation of processing"

The interested party has the right to obtain the correction of his data, the limitation of the treatment or the complete cancellation of the data.

"The right to opposition"

The interested party has the right to oppose at any time, for reasons related to his particular situation, the processing of personal data.

"The right to portability"

the interested party has the right to receive, in a structured format, in common and automatic way, the personal data concerning him / her provided to a data controller and he / she has the right to transmit this data to another data controller.

In this regard, a service has been implemented by which the user can independently go to the "Your Account" menu by clicking on the username appearing at the top right and then on "My personal data". Here you can independently download your information and obtain it in pdf or csv format. At this location the user is directed to the appropriate methods of contact to request the correction or cancellation of such data.

The correction of personal data is also possible by editing the data entered in the various submenus of the munù "Your account" previously mentioned.

The user can for any information or request send an email to [email protected]

These rights are governed according to the directives of the GDPR UE 2016/679.



In the first instance the user can contact the administration of ParticolarModa with an email to [email protected] If this were not enough, the user has the opportunity to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority on the Italian territory (Authority for the protection of personal data) or the one carrying out its duties and exercising its powers in the Member State where the violation of the GDPR occurred.



Only users aged 16 and above can use the services. Children under 16 must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian. We do not intend to intentionally collect personal data of persons under the age of 16 years. If we are informed or otherwise discover that a child's personal information has been incorrectly collected, we will take all reasonable and reasonable steps to eliminate such information.



A cookie is a small text file that a browser can save on your device. Some data will be used on this file to be used to provide you with a better experience in using the application. There are "persistent" and other "session" defined cookies. Those "session" only last for the application's use time and are deleted at its end, while "persistent" ones are not deleted at the output of the application and remain saved on their device. Each cookie in any case has a validity time, past which is no longer valid.



The technical cookie is used to handle some technical issues of the application, in order to allow certain features or to facilitate their use. Some examples of use are, for example, the retention of access credentials, enabling automatic application access, or storing preferences such as colors, backgrounds, or other customizations that are available. These cookies are always sent from our domain and are required for the correct display of the application.



These cookies allow you to collect user information in anonymous form related to the application's own use, for example, what pages have been visited, how long, how do you use it, how it came to the app, etc. This information is used for statistical purposes in order to improve and customize the service, while improving the user experience.



These cookies are sent by third parties. These cookies can have analytical purposes (and then collect data such as age, origin, visited pages, etc.) or are required for the functionality of third-party functionality as the icons and preferences expressed for social network shares.



These cookies are dedicated to profiling the user with the aim of sending advertisements in line with the preferences displayed by the user while the application is being used.



The application provides links to resources outside the site, which provide for their own privacy and cookie policy. These regulations may differ from this information, so ParticolarModa does not respond.



- Cookies needed for cms operation:






- Cookies where user preference is saved on the brief information banner:



- Chat Zopim cookie policy:







- Traffic management and distribution systems CloudFlare cookie policy:



- Analysis of web data Google Analytics policy:




- Analysis of web data Facebook Analytics policy and Facebook Pixel:














The user can decide to change the settings of his browser regarding the management of cookies. We would like to clarify that the user's refusal of consent for profiling cookies will not have the effect of meeting less advertising ads, the number will be the same, the difference is that these will be random and not targeted to your interests . Furthermore, the refusal of consent to the so-called technical cookies, necessary for example for login, makes it impossible to use the application. To know the modalities, visit the following links.

In case your browser is not present in this list, you can request more information by sending an email to [email protected] or by using another contact method. We will provide you with links to information about your browser.



In this regard, a service has been implemented by which the user can autonomously go to the "Your Account" menu by clicking on the username appearing at the top right and then on "I withdraw my consent to cookies". In this way all consents to non-essential and mandatory cookies for the basic operation of the system will be revoked.



This information is subject to possible changes. If substantial changes are made to the use of data on the user by the Owner, the latter will notify the user by publishing them with the maximum evidence on their pages or through alternative or similar means. The user is therefore invited to visit it frequently. The use of the application following the changes to the information will constitute acceptance of the same.