Accessories and above all jewels, as well as exalting beauty, help us express WHO WE ARE through the choice of colors, patterns, stones and everything that they make.

For us, ParticolarModa jewels are "emotions" to wear that accompany our days, often turning into lucky charm amulets that give us happiness.

We believe in the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the creations, so in our catalog there are also unique and unrepeatable products.


On our site is always indicated in the description of an item if a product is made in Italy or not because we strongly believe that those who buy it must do in a climate of transparency and trust.

Made in Italy often costs more as you well know but obviously also has superior quality. We at ParticolarModa want to create a serene environment in which the customer chooses consciously and freely what to buy.


ParticolarModa - Itahope di Marsala Mariangela

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