How to choose the length of the bracelet

1) Determine the circumference of your wrist using a cord that you will then measure with a ruler or if you use a tape measure. The measurement must be taken accurately without abounding (for the half measures you can request them by message).

2) Once you have measured the circumference of your wrist, you can choose the length of the cuff. To the measure of the wrist you have to add a few centimeters of wearability depending on the thickness of the chosen bracelet model. More often becomes a bracelet and more inches of wearability are added.

The measures recommended by us are present in the appropriate table located in the description section of the article. Always refer to what is written in the description but keep in mind that these measures are indicative and you may prefer to dress the bracelets wide, so they can be customized according to the fit that you prefer.

3) Most of our bracelets are divided into sizes created this way:

“21 cm (for wrist 18 cm)”

This indicates that for that particular model, if you have a 18 cm wrist circumference we suggest you choose a 21 cm long bracelet. The length is intended as a measure useful to the circumference, therefore, for example, any pendants are excluded.

4) If you can not find the size or simply you are undecided, you can contact us indicating the circumference of your wrist through the contact us section, via email ([email protected]) or whatsapp (+393463225068), we will assist you in choosing the most appropriate size for you so as to be sure not to make mistakes and if it were to serve we will create the bracelet you have chosen to measure!