Guidelines to make a ParticolarModa jewel last longer

• Always open the closure before wearing or removing a bracelet.

• Do not expose the jewel to chemical, acidic and aggressive substances such as perfumes, salt water, sulfur, skin creams, hair sprays, chlorine, varicine, ammonia.

• Do not expose the jewelry to extreme temperatures.

• Clean the jewel, if necessary, with warm water and neutral soap.

• Store the jewel when not worn in the special bag / container.

• Avoid using jewelry in bed, during bathing or during sports activities.

• Pay particular attention to jewelry with stones, pearls and crystals. Avoid exposing them to rough surfaces and keep them separate from one another to avoid scratches.

• Avoid wetting the parts of the creations made of polymer clay.

Compliance with these guidelines will help the jewel to maintain its initial characteristics longer over time.